Fresh Vegetables. We grow superfoods. Our fresh vegetables and herbs have the highest nutritional values. 

Delivered Fresh and Available 365 days a year. We harvest and deliver our fresh produce the same day to local stores and restaurants.

Our Revolution Vertical Farming technologies are ultra-efficient, environmentally-responsible and commercially scalable.  

Metropolis Farms is the first Vertical Farm in Philadelphia!

Join the Farming Renaissance with our Revolution Vertical Farming Technology and start eating healthier today.

Farm to Fork. 

Metropolis Farms was recently featured in an amazing article from WHYY and Newsworks. As we ‪continue‬ to ‪improve‬ and ‪‎evolve‬ our ‪revolutionary‬ ‪‎farm‬, we keep our eyes ‪focused‬ on the ‪‎simple‬ goal of helping to ‪‎feed‬ as many ‪‎people‬ as we can with ‪‎fresh‬ & ‪‎healthy‬ ‪‎foods‬.

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The Way of the Future

Metropolis Farms was endorsed by world famous economist, 2 time Nobel Prize Nominee and Forex - Person of the Year in 2015, Martin Armstrong. Martin is the father of modern cyclical economics and his blog is read by thousands of people across the globe. The revolution is starting right here in Philadelphia. 

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In the News

Metropolis Farms was recently featured on the front page of the Philadelphia Inquirier. The interest and encouragement from around the city has been absolutely tremendous. We would like to thank Samantha Melame for writing the article about how we are bringing the farming revolution to Philadelphia. Check out the digital version of the article on Philly.com by clicking the link below:

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