Our Technology

Our Revolution Vertical Farming Technology

Our patent protected Revolution Vertical Farming technology grows great tasting, wholesome vegetables and herbs inside underutilized buildings in urban cities within a few miles of where the people that eat our produce live. We harvest at the peak of freshness and deliver our produce the same day to maximize freshness and nutrition. Instead of food miles we actually measure food minutes from harvest. Our solutions enable the rapid, profitable development of both smaller artesian farms as well as large scale Super Farms. Our technology is incredibly adaptive and easily the most cost effective commercially scalable system in existence. Flash Farms can go from construction too first harvest and cash flow in less than 60 days. The adaptive scalable nature of our technology allows for the development of larger farms in cash flow generating phases. This phased approach makes the leap from strategic to organic capitalization far more economical.


Our vegetables and herbs grow in about half the time it takes to grow in a typical conventional or organic farm without the risks of weather, bugs, heavy metals, bight and bacterial contaminations that are present in traditional conventional and organic farming. Our protected indoor environments produce superfoods. Our plants grow faster, because our technology insures that every day is the perfect day to grow. We optimizes our vegetable’s nutritional value, strength and vigor by insuring that much less of the plants available energy is spent in search of water and nourishment thereby freeing the plant to divert its available energy to becoming the highest quality produce available today.


Conventional farms and greenhouse crops are at the mercy of weather, water, bugs, and blight. These outdoor threats mean that these farms can only grow a few crops a year. For the vast major of the year almost all U.S. farms actually sit idle growing nothing. Our Technology is not dependent on any of these conditions. We grow fresh herbs and vegetables 365 days a year regardless of weather and other outside conditions. Our farms never sit idle, but rather work year round for a consistent steady supply of fresh harvested produce, and of course income. Our technology allow us to grow high demand seasonal crops out of season. When the competition is low and the demand is highest.

Fresher & Better

We deliver far fresher, far more nutritious, herbs and vegetables to your table than traditional conventional and organic farming and greenhouse operations. The Brix scale measures freshness, taste, nutritional value and shelf life of vegetables and herbs. We strive for Brix numbers of 12 or better at the point of delivery, more than double what you get from the average conventional or organic farm. Growing great tasting wholesome food is our obsession. Our vegetable and herbs grow to their absolute best potential, maximizing both nutrition and taste. Our technology actually creates micro weather pockets that create the perfect day for our herbs and vegetables.

In addition to our technological advantages, studies have consistently proven that most produce lose 60 – 70 percent of their nutrition, flavor and freshness over the weeks that it takes for a typical crop harvest to be delivered literally thousands of miles away. Since our farms service local communities, we harvest and deliver our crops the very same day. We measure our time from harvest to delivery in food minutes not weeks. Nobody sells fresher more nutritious produce than we do.

Ultra Efficient

We can grow year round regardless of outside conditions. We can grow at a density rate in excess of 1,200 times that of conventional and organic farms. The adaptive nature of our proprietary technology makes it possible to for us to grow massive amounts of high quality wholesome vegetables and herbs from relatively small under-utilized spaces, growing thousands to tens of thousands of plants from each 36 square foot Super Tower. The enormous plant density of our system enables both our Flash and Super farms to rapidly achieve profitable and sustainable commercial operations in unconventional smaller spaces as well as larger warehouses, including repurposed industrial buildings, vacant storefronts and even directly within restaurants, markets and corporate campuses.As a result of our ground zero model our P&L isn’t burdened with the costs of long supply chain logistics or other prohibitive farming costs. Our protected grow environments cost effectively create their own micro weather around our produce virtually eliminating the need to heat our buildings. We use 98% less water and 82% less energy than conventional and organic farms. All of this means we can produce the highest quality fresh produce, earn a fair profit and actually pay a living wage to employee.

Precision Farming

One of the major advantages that our tech delivers is our precision farming capabilities. Our farms can actually time our harvests. We can also stagger our plantings to produce consistent fresh harvest every day to match market demands. That means we can deliver farm fresh produce every day, instead of just a few times a year.  We offer a far more efficient, far fresher supply chain than traditional farms. In addition, we can pivot and change a crop in a matter of hours. While traditional farms are locked into a crop for an entire season or more, we can rapidly shift to meet a demand. We can also easily grow high demand crops out of season. Ripe red strawberries when nobody has fresh local strawberries, dark rich spinach and colorful arugula and kale year round, herbs and microgreens with flavors that explode with freshness year round. Our Precision farming technology is the future of agriculture.

Commercially Scalable

Our adaptive low maintenance technology makes it possible to profitably grow great tasting vegetables and herbs from spaces as small as 1,500 sq. feet.  The systems require minimal training and can be operated by almost anyone. Every Super Tower is an independent profit center allowing our systems to scale profitably from a few Towers to thousands.  Our proprietary technologies ability to work profitably from small to large scale with minimal training makes our goal of  bringing farming and the related jobs back to the cities a reality.  For far less money and risk than opening many other small business, our proprietary technology offers a real possibility for both large and  small business men and women to  build a worthily profitable business with us.

Environmentally Responsible

Our systems use 98% less water and 82% less energy than traditional conventional and organic farms with zero nutrient runoff.  We use zero pesticides and herbicides so we don’t risk polluting or food with poisons or killing the bees. When you consider that agriculture is the number one cause of global warming, it’s not hard to understand that our systems are not only a better way to grow but clearly the future of farming. We live in the real world, the one where the population is rapidly increasing and less usable farmland and fresh water is available worldwide every year. Our food is grow in the same communities where it’s sold so our food doesn’t have to travel 3,000 miles or more to keep our city populations  to be fed in the winters. We recycle our nutrients instead of allowing them to seep into our water table.  Our protected indoor environments enable our crops eliminate the risk of soil transmitted lead, arsenic and other heavy metals, in addition to soil transmitted bacterial infections and diseases.  Our produce is protected from harmful pests or the dangers of natural disasters like the California drought or unpredictable weather events. We create local living wage jobs that do something worthwhile with our efforts, namely feeding people.