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The Covid-19 pandemic has forced people to reshift their priorities and perspectives. How we used to view progress is beginning to make less sense as the pandemic continues. Our ideologies and desires are being reformed due to the environmental, social, and economic effects of the actions that we have taken over the past 50 years. 

More Americans are pursuing ways to gain food security due to the challenges in the supply chain the pandemic has brought. As we move forward, the shift will be more focused on obtaining food that is sustainable and environmentally friendly.  

Authorities and business leaders have always prioritized their own version of progress — doing so leads to the neglect of the environment that caused climate change and the deterioration of the quality of our soil. What’s worse is that this will continue to worsen for generations if we don’t take action now. 

The pandemic has shown three challenges that can be worked on through urban farming. 

1. Food security

Lockdowns have made food security unattainable to some families across the country. Having no access to healthy food in their city due to restrictions has led them to source their food independently. 

People have prioritized growing their own food in their yard or inside their homes. Having fresh produce is better than relying on food with less nutritional value. Furthermore, they won’t be worried about the supply not arriving in the time since they have some crops at home.

2. Community involvement

Quarantine has proved that humans cannot isolate themselves for very long. Urban farming helps them get in touch with their community through forums. It also helps them get in touch with their neighbors. In times of need, helping each other out ensures our survival. 

Some people have also given a few of their harvests to their neighbors for food ration. A little help goes a long way. 

3. Healthy environment

We often neglect our home. Being stuck in it for a long time has made people more appreciative of green spaces. Parks, gardens, farms — these are all too far away from urban areas. While taking down buildings can be very expensive, you can always make the outdoors come to you through urban farming. 

More people have started to invest in urban farming. It’s a booming industry that shows a lot of potential growth. People have begun to shift their focus on finding solutions to address food security and climate change. It can help lower stress and make the environment better.

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