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As the globe shifts its priorities and lifestyle, old methods are needed to be improved to keep up with society’s pace. The lockdown has forced people to stay at home. Having been forced to isolate, people have become more creative in expressing themselves and in finding ways to make a living. 

In some areas, the food supply has been badly affected. Many people don’t have access to produce due to restrictions placed to avoid infection. People have now started to grow their own food right in their homes. This is a great alternative to secure food that is fresh and healthy, without relying on the fragile food supply chain. 

Community gardens and urban projects have been popping up lately too. This helps people who have a limited budget to access the sustenance they need. After all, everyone should have an access to food. 

You can grow your own crops at home, even if you don’t have enough yard space. A good Hydroponic system should get you started with ease. 

What is a Hydroponic System? 

A Hydroponic System is a system that lets you grow plants without having to buy soil. It uses a water-based solution that’s rich in nutrients. The roots of the plants are supported by clay pellets, peat moss, rock wool, and perlite — substances that can be made using materials found at home. 

Is it Cost-Effective? 

As with all home equipment, a good hydroponic system may seem expensive at first but it’s a good investment. You’ll save a lot of money once you are able to harvest your own food. 

Urban farming has become a good way to secure your own food at home. You won’t be relying as much as you did on waiting for the supplies to reach your local stores. 

Apart from that, you get to help save the environment. 

Here are some of the best Hydroponic Systems in the market:

1. Tower Garden 

This kit is perfect for people who don’t have much time to maintain. It can turn even beginners into a green thumb. The system is fully automated plus it’s easy to set up as well as maintain. It has a reservoir of about 60 liters, so you can top up water once or twice a week. If you’re not sure, just check the water levels and adjust accordingly. 

2. Urbipod

The Urbatonica UrbiPod is also a great way to get fresh food. It’s also easy to maintain and operate. Although this one needs to be personally assembled, there are plenty of tutorials available on the internet. Besides, it’s also easy to set up so you don’t need to worry. 

3. Mini Farm

This Mini-Farm kit not only grows plants for you but also makes for good house decor. It’s the most compact on the list here, making it easy to use and assemble. 

4. OwnGrown

OwnGrown is great for people who have more space at home. It’s a layered shelving system that lets you stage crop growth.

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