We have a variety of services and products that anyone can benefit from. Our solutions can be used not only for commercial purposes but also by hobbyists, households, and even schools. We can give assistance to schools and universities across the United States for school guides and educational courses. Among the range of services we offer are composting, seed care, soil solutions.

We envision a world where everyone has access to food so our products and solutions are versatile. Schools, homes, offices, and businesses will find the services they need. From planning to making lessons, we have a network of local and international partners that are carefully selected to give you the best quality. 

To have an overview of our services, we offer the following: 


If you’re new or not, we can install and set up your equipment. 

Training & Education

Apart from training how to utilize the tools needed for vertical farming, we also teach you how to do it.

Project management

If you’re planning to make a commercial indoor farm, we can help you manage it. 


We also offer commercial consultancy to help you make the right decisions. 

Business modeling

Apart from project management and consultancy, we can also help you make a business model.

Monitor & Repair

After-sales care is also just as important. We also offer monitoring services and help you troubleshoot any problems you encounter. 

Engineering & Construction

We can also help you build the most ideal farm for you. 

Architectural Design

Design is an integral part of vertical farming. 


If you’re looking for custom builds, our team can help you. 

Renewable Energy

Add renewable energy to your vertical farm to make the most out of it. 

Plant selection

We can help you in selecting the best variety of plants most suited to your area. 

We have a network of professional partners that you can trust. Talk to us so we can help you get started.