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The global crisis of Covid-19 has shown us that the current food supply distribution is fragile. Lockdown restrictions have forced supply to be halted — leaving many families wondering where they will get their food from. 

What other options do we have to get food that has good quality at a reasonable price? Well, it turns out growing your own food is the key. If you’re worried that you won’t be able to have enough space, don’t worry. Urban farming makes use of that little space by using different systems.

One of the best options is Hydroponics. For those who are new to this, hydroponics is a plant growing method where you won’t need to worry about using soil. As the name suggests, it’s completely down using water. Moreover, even if it depends on water, it doesn’t need as much as traditional farming. Compared to the latter, it uses less than 90% of water while being able to sustain growth. 

If you had the same area to grow crops, you would produce up to 5 to 10 times than with traditional farming with the same size. Furthermore, crops are able to grow twice as fast. You get to enjoy fresh produce all year round because you can control the environment it’s in. 

Another issue that’s being tackled is how farming can be hazardous to farmers and consumers. Because you grew it yourself, you’re sure that there are no chemicals or pesticides added to it. Even if you want to, you won’t need to. Hydroponic systems don’t require the use of chemicals and pesticides. 

Vertical Growth has products and services that can accommodate individuals, companies, and even families to help them grow their own indoor farms. You can even have some setup customized to make the best out of your hydroponic system.

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